1. Quality trip to San Fran with these guys :) #memories

  2. #inbed :)

  3. Attempted to make some #cappuccinos with @thatblondegigglygirl :)

  4. Christmas time with @aricamden #christmassweaters #spicetea #coolmugs

  5. akamosh:



    haha so cute

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  6. What are you thinking right now, this instant? [x]

    Jack: You honestly do not wanna know.

    Alex: Yeah, I was thinking about… if I could 69 with myself… how that would feel.

    Jack: Can you imagine eating your own ass?

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  8. disassterology:

    Massive Band Merch Giveaway!!

    Okay guys, so I have literally a ton of band merch. Here’s the deal. My parents are going to make me donate a bunch of clothes anyways, so I’d rather give them to my followers.

    The Paramore / All Time Low / any other stuff, I really just don’t want anymore.

    I don’t have a working CD player, so there is no use in my having those, since I have already put the music on my computer.

    Now for the Collide With The Sky merch, basically my friend had told me what to get her at the show, and told me she would pay me back. It’s been two weeks, and she’s decided she doesn’t want the stuff, and doesn’t have the money to pay for it. I already have all this stuff that I bought for myself, so there is no reason for me to have two of it.

    All merch is size small unless marked otherwise.

    You get:


    • Sleeping With Sirens sweatshirt
    • Sleeping With Sirens gray let’s cheers to this tee shirt
    • Pierce The Veil blue crewneck
    • Pierce The Veil black t-shirt
    • Pierce The Veil gray arrow tank top
    • Pierce The Veil Collide With The Sky tour 2012 shirt
    • All Time Low blue monster shirt
    • All Time Low Lost In Stereo shirt
    • All Time Low “I Feel Like Dancin” shirt (size medium, too big)
    • All Time Low purple and black shirt
    • To Write Love On Her Arms shirt
    • Owl City shirt (size medium)
    • Never Shout Never black shirt
    • Never Shout Never beige shirt
    • Paramore “That’s What You Get” shirt
    • Paramore light pink shirt
    • Paramore yellow sweatshirt
    • Paramore pink yellow and black shirt (size youth large)
    CD’s & bracelets
    • Collide With The Sky by Pierce The Veil
    • With Ears To See and Eyes To Hear by Sleeping With Sirens
    • Hold On Tight by Hey Monday
    • Remember To Live by Flyleaf
    • Epitaph Records 2012 Sampler
    • The Final Riot by Paramore
    • Riot! by Paramore
    • Fueled By Ramen 2012 Sampler
    • Rocksound 100% Volume
    • What Are You So Scared Of (Acoustic) by Tonight Alive
    • Aspire and Create Bracelet
    • To Write Love On Her Arms wristband
    • I <3 Boobies green wristband
    • All Time Low wristband
    • Get Low wristband
    • Owl City wristband


    • Will ship anywhere on earth
    • Reblog and like as many times as you want
    • More reblogs = A higher chance of winning
    • MUST BE FOLLOWING ME (disassterology) and MAIA (14inches); yes the both of us
    • If you’re not following the both of us you don’t win. You have to follow Maia because she gave me some of this merch awhile back so it’s also hers, so she deserves to be part of this giveaway too.
    • Yes, I know it’s a lot of merch. It will ship in two packages. If you don’t believe it’s real, don’t reblog it, it’s that simple. Don’t be butthurt and send hate.

    I’ll pick the winner using a random generator on December 22nd (assuming the world doesn’t end). I’ll send you a message and you have 2 days to respond or it’s going to someone else.


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  9. I wish I was Beau…
    My face would be just as priceless too :)

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  10. I’m a PANDA!!